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While caching

I thought that it would be a good idea to share our stories of things that happened while caching. BogdanA wrote these words about his latest cache found (he teamed with Mioritics for that one):

Subway spotting 2, a cache by andrixnet and viperasp.

This was quite an adventure. Went there with Mioritics and enjoyed the adrenaline together. That is because we didn’t entirely respected the law (shame on us! – don’t try this at home or during geocaching), so we jumped a few fences, crossed a few electrical charged subway lines, and trespassed a deposit area. Although the cache area is supposed to be deserted, a K9 patrol and a guard were looking around, so we had to duck over some bushes, to slowly get away from the guard hoping that the dogs wouldn’t detect us.

We found the cache after all the walk required and we both agreed that the container is nice. The cherry on top of this whole thing was when we fallowed another train track by mistake and we ended up in the courtyard of some depo and like 20 dogs agreed to put some holes in us. Unfortunately for them, they were unsuccessful.

I highly recommend hunting for this particular cache at least 2 and at most 3 people.

Thanks for the cache and the adventure!

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