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Un interviu cu MT-Jonea despre Geocaching și Pasiune

După excursia de 16 zile nebune cu Jonea, am reușit să realizez și un interviu cu el, evident după ce ne-am întors acasă, în timpul excrusiei nu am avut timp pentru astfel de lucruri.

Erikusz: First of all how you started Geocaching?

Jonea: I started 30.03.2008 with my former girlfriend Mirka, so my original nick was „mirkaApepa“.

Erikusz: What motivates you in finding caches?

Jonea: I love travelling, know new places and people and Geocaching is marvelous game.

Erikusz: What is important for you in Geocaching?

Jonea: Good relationship among geocachers, reviewers and HQ and so good companion in my geotrips.

Erikusz: What is your current goal in Geocaching

Jonea: Fulfill all countries in the world, fulfill all countys in Europe, visite some nice trails in mountains.

Erikusz: What is your favorite cache type and why?

Jonea: Virtual and earth – show me some nice and interesting places, but I dislike administrative with sending answers 😊

Erikusz: What is the cache type that you really dislike?

Jonea: Lab cache – the biggest cheat in GC, a lot of geocachers log it from couch (home). I so dislike biltema and T5 cache.

Erikusz: What you like about this game?

Jonea: Know new people, but unfortunately very few young geo girls 😊

Erikusz: You visited 115 countries, which one is your favorite?

Jonea: A lot of from them was marvelous, but Reunion with thousands waterfalls is the best.

Erikusz: What about Romania? 

Jonea: Very nice and mystic country with nice mountains and nice girls 😊

Erikusz: What you like and dislike about it?

Jonea: Like mountains, kind people, dislike some poor areas.

Erikusz: How do you explain the controversies surrounding your findings? Is any truth in those allegations?

Jonea: No comment 😊 I recomend meet me personaly and talking with me.

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